Deliver your things to the festival with DPD

  • 1. risinājums - Dodies uz pakomātu ar iepriekš izdrukātu pavadlapu.
  • 2. risinājums
    • Uzraksti uz paciņas ar roku sūtījuma numuru (piem. 0511 7911 6611 81 A).
    • NOSKENĒ SVĪTRU KODU, kuru saņēmi aizpildot pieteikumu mūsu lapā.
    • ievieto paciņu pakomātā un DPD darbinieki viņu apstrādās manuāli izņemšanas brīdī.

Deliver your belongings to the festival for free with DPD courier!

What you should do:

  1. Register your shipment by filling out the registration form on the Summer Sound page;
  2. After filling out, you will receive ONE cover sheet, which you will have to print on the printer available to you or at the DPD Parcel Cabinet by scanning the QR code;
  3. Pack the things you want to send to the festival safely and in compliance with DPD packing rules;
  4. Go to the nearest DPD Parcel Locker;
  5. Choose to send the package, scan the barcode on the delivery note and put the bag in the door that will open.

Each bag must have its own unique cover sheet, so if necessary, fill out the registration form several times.

Note that:

  • The maximum weight of one bag is 31.5 kg, size - no larger than 43 x 61 x 36 cm
  • One waybill is for one bag. All packages/bags without delivery notes will go to DPD's Unidentified Parcel Shelf and wait for the owner to contact DPD. So remember - generate your own cover sheet for each bag!
  • Bags can be sent from any place in Latvia until 3.08. 09:00, while from Riga until 19:00.

During the festival, it will be possible to pick up and return items to the place of residence at the DPD point near the VIP parking lot.

Reception: Friday 4.08. at 15:00 - 19:00.

Dispatch: Sunday 6.08. at 10:00 - 13:00.