Together with our friends from Mežpils alus, we have made sure that our partying will become even more responsible and green this year!

In the bars of the festival, you can buy a deposit cup for €2, which will be your key to the use of any drink in the territory.

The scheme is simple - throughout the festival you can get your drinks in the same cup or change it to a fresh one with each new drink. Take it with you to a tent/camper city, a slow walk around Liepāja or to spend the night in a hotel. The main thing is not to lose it, because you will have to buy a new one to get a fresh drink in the territory.

When the festival and liquid consumption is over, you have 4 options for what to do with your cup:
🥤 take it home as a souvenir;
🥤 exchange for a 2€ Narvesen coupon;
🥤 exchange for a €5 discount coupon for the purchase of a #summersound2024 ticket;
🥤 donates a glass deposit for the purposes of the charity project Music Saves UA.

The exchange takes place at the check in points of the festival.

Yes, it will be different, but look how cool those cups are!

Deposit (1).jpg