What are the festival opening times?

Festivāla Summer Sound teritorija būs atvērta no 2022. gada 29. jūlija plkst. 17.00 līdz 31. jūlija plkst. 6.00.

Is it possible to buy ticket just for one day?

One day tickets will be available for the purchase closer to the festival dates.

Is it allowed to be at the festival site without wristband?

No, it is not allowed. Everybody needs to get their wristbands at the festival entrance or any wristband exchange points. If you won’t have the wristband, you will have to leave the festival site. If there are any problems with your wristband, go to the nearest entrance or check-in point.

Is it possible to purchase Summer Sound festival tickets at the festival entrance?

Yes, it will be possible to buy the ticket at the festival entrance. However, it will be possible to pay only by cash.

What are the camping site opening times?

Telšu pilsētiņa būs atvērta no 2022. gada 28. jūlija plkst. 17:00 līdz 31. jūlija plkst. 15:00.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to camping site?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks to the camping site. However, remember that it is not allowed to bring them in the festival territory.

Will there be a WC’s and showers available at the camping site?

Yes, there will be WC’s and showers at the camping site.

Will there be a safe-storage at the camping site?

Ye, there will be a safe storage at the site. We suggest you to keep your most valuable items in the storage not to loose them. The organisers of the festival are not taking any responsibility for your lost, stolen or broken items neither in the camping site, nor in the festival's territory. Do not leave your valuable items in the camping site (wallets, smartphones, keys etc.)!

How many people can enter the camping site for one ticket?

Each person has to buy the camping site ticket. One ticket is for one person, even if you share a tent or a camper.

Does invitation to Summer Sound mean that I have a camping place?

No, it does not, if it is not stated on the invitation specifically. As the camping site tickets are in a very limited amount, we suggest you to buy them in advance.

Is it possible to buy a tent at the festival?

No, it is not possible.

Will it be possible to buy a camping site wristband at the festival, if I already have the festival ticket itself?

It will be possible to buy the camping site wristbands at the entrance of the camping site only if there will be any left. The camping site tickets are in a very limited amount, we strongly suggest you to buy the camping site tickets in advance.

Do I have to buy the camping site's wristband/ticket in addition to my camper ticket?

Yes. Every person who stays at the camping/camper site, needs the wristband. If You choose to come with your own camper, you need to buy the ticket for your camper place and the camping site tickets for each person who stays in it.

What can I do in case of injury or illness during the Summer Sound festival?

There will be medical units in the festival territory where you can ask for the help in any medical situation.

Will there be lost and found office at the festival?

Yes, there will.

What benefits do VIP tickets have?

The benefits of the VIP ticket are a separated VIP check-in point to change the ticket to the festival's wristband; special VIP zone at each of the 3 main stages with VIP bars; there will be a special place with a great view as well as nice WC facilities. You can use the opportunity to stay at the camping site for free too. If You want to park Your car in the VIP parking, you will need to buy an extra VIP parking ticket.

Is it allowed to swim in the festival territory?

It is allowed to swim during the day time only and only if you haven’t used any alcohol.

Are the festival wristbands waterproof?

Yes, they are.

Can I go in and out the festival territory during the event?

Yes, you can. At the entrance you will receive a festival wristband that allows you to entrance the territory and leave it as many times as you want.

Can I bring my own food and drink in the festival site?

No, you can’t bring your own food and drink in the festival site. You can consume them at the camping site if you are staying there. It will be possible to buy food and drinks inside the festival area.

Can I bring an umbrella to the festival site?

No, it is not allowed to bring an umbrella with you to the festival site. In case of bad weather, we recommend you to bring a raincoat with you.

Is it allowed to take photo and video equipment to the Summer Sound festival site?

Professional photo and video cameras are prohibited. To take a professional photo or video equipment in the festival territory, you need to get an accepted Summer Sound accreditation for that which you can find and fill in later in our web page.

Will it be possible to pay by card in the Summer Sound festival territory?

The payment methods depend on the caterer or/and tradesman. The organisers of the festival recommends the tradespeople and caterers to give a chance to either use a bank card or cash.

Will there be ATM’s in Summer Sound territory?

Unfortunately no, there won’t be any ATM’s in festival area. But there are ATM’s available in Liepaja city.

Do tickets have to be purchased for children?

Children up to the age of 10 can visit the festival for free, if a legal adult guardian possessing a valid festival ticket attends them. Children over the age of 10 have to purchase a full price ticket. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 at all times.

Will there be a children’s daycare?

Yes, there will.

Can minors be alone at the festival site?

Accordingly to legislation of the Republic of Latvia, minors must be under the supervision of an adult after 11 pm.